These are the companies that Support the channel! They Supply ammo and send us products to test so we can make our content. If you use the links on this page to shop we even get a commission to help support our channel!


Why Shop Natchez?

Natchez Shooting & Outdoors is the biggest supporter of the channel! Family Owned and Operated since 1979, Natchez is your one stop shop for Ammo, Gun Accessories, Hunting Gear, Fishing, Camping and all things Outdoors!

WMD GUNS, Home of the BEAST!

WMD GUNS is the home of the AMBI BEAST and the NiB-X Nickle Boron Coating! They Carry a HUGE inventory of NiB-X coated parts as well as providing the industries leading Nickle Boron coating service! Their coatings are the toughest in the industry!

Tomorrows Targets, Today!

Infinity Defence have brought us one of the biggest innovations in target technology since the introduction of AR500 Steel targets! These targets provide the look of shooting steel while being point blank safe and weighing much less! With a lifespan of thousands of rounds, just spray over your shots and shoot again!


Be prepared for anything with MIRA!

MIRA Safety provides the best personal safety on the market! Its imposable to predict the future but you can be prepared for any Chemical, Nuclear and Bio threat. MRA is your source for military grade Gas Mask, CBRN Equipment and much more! Trusted by Military and Professionals, Available to Civilians!


Professional Camouflage at Home!

Freedom Stencils make painting your rifles and equipment easy! With their pre cut Vinyl Stencils you no longer have to fuss with sloppy lines, over spray, dish soap or paying an arm or a leg to have your tools professionally painted! Viewers of out channel get a Special 10% discount when you use the code "TXODM" at checkout!