Full Disclosure: the AMBI BEAST Was supplied to us by WMD GUNS to review. The only instruction we were given was "Try And Kill It". We still are...

So when we first got the BEAST my first thought was " This thing looks too nice to torcher test". At this point this was and still is the most expensive AR I have ever used. Sitting at $1,350.00 its not a cheap rifle, but in our opinion its totally worth it! First off the rifle has its own ascetic that is totally Metal AF and has a Awesome trigger but that's the main selling point of the rifle line. WMD Guns claim to fame is their NiB-X Nickle Boron coating they pioneered!

*******************************NERDY WARNING*****************************

The NiB-X Nickle Boron Coating that WMD Guns developed is nothing short of a leap in firearms technology. Now lets be clear, Plaiting firearms has been around since the 1800's but I highly doubt any plating for firearms has been as durable as WMD's NiB-X. The purpose of a coating on a firearm is to prevent corrosion and gun makers have been perfecting coatings for nearly 1,000 years with the introduction of the first cannons and match locks.  

The status quo for most of that time has been some form of Bluing. This is done many ways but the end result is a layer of Oxide on the metal that prevents corrosion. In the 1800's the first real advancement came in the form of Nickle plating. This is done by submersing the piece into a solution of dissolved Nickle Oxide and Chemically bonding the Nickle Atoms to the work using Electrolysis. This is nearly identical to what is still done today on the BEAST.

What sets the NiB-X coating apart is the Composition of the coating which is harder, thicker and more damage resistant than traditional Nickle plating.

On top of that the NiB-X coating has been extensively tested in harsh military environments.  


On paper that's impressive for sure, but what about the real world? well we went through and tested it with the harshest test we could come up with. Dou to our location I was able to do some testing that no other AR to my knowledge has been through and post it on YouTube! These test include Dragging the Rifle half a mile down the beach with a truck and literally going swimming in the ocean!


In all of our testing the only malfunctions were caused by the inside of the bolt and locking lugs getting clogged. All malfunctions were cleared with simple cleaning of the rifle. The coating has virtually no damage at all and the only corrosion is from leaching of none coated components such as the buffer spring and the cheap irons used for the testing.

Over all I'm extremally Impressed with the Beast line of rifles and the NiB-X coating! If you live in a extremally Humid or salty environment like we are here on the South Texas Coast we recommend checking out WMD Guns and their line of NiB-X coated rifles. They also offer coating Services so you can send them Parts and Firearms to be coated as well.

*******************The Texas Outdoors and More Rating********************

                                       Weight: ⭐⭐⭐⭐     

Though the AMBI BEAST isn't the lightest AR it comes in at around 7lb empty. This makes it the same weight as my budget 300BLK build which is impressive considering the density of Nickle.

                                         Trigger: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I give the trigger in the beast 5 stars as its the best AR trigger I have personally and is worlds better than the surplus trigger I'm use to. 

                                            Reliability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

It gets 5 stars for reliability because even though it had malfunctions, they were all caused by me and cleared by simple cleaning. I used no lubricants for the first set of testing and was able to get the rifle functional simple by swiping in a clean bolt.   

                                               Durability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I really don't have to say anything here. No regular Nitrate AR would have survived the testing I did with the beast and would have rusted up.


below are the videos of the testing.

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